Welcome to Six Lakes Studios. As of July 21st, 2021, our blog page is now our homepage. Please, read ahead!
Six Lakes Studios was founded on November 18th, 2020, by Matt Slater, a gay college student with Asperger’s and ADD. He writes stories and creates comics with LGBTQ+ and Neurodivergent characters, almost all of which are set in the Pacific Northwest.
As of right now, he is the only creator for SLS.

Rewriting “The Waterfall”

I have decided to rewrite what I have so far of The Waterfall. I am reducing Patty’s role in the series and will focus more on Fred and Murray’s teenage/college years. I will try to make more storylines about Justin, Kevin, Bianca, Alex, and James. The Waterfall as is will still be available for a […]

GCT Published Early

If you follow me on WordPress, then Congratulations! You received Sunday’s GCT strip early. Oops! It’s no big deal. I hope you like it! Just please don’t share it until after it’s officially published. Thanks, Matt.

Comics vs. WordPress

Hey everyone. I know that my first three comic, TVOV, P & L, and Matt, I posted comics for about 3.5 months on WordPress, and then stopped to focus on the other sites they’re posted on. However, from now on, starting with Generic Character Theater, only the first three strips of each series will be […]

Generic Character Theater: Mind Your Language

Look, I swear from time to time, but we all need to watch our ****ing language, people! It could get you into deep **** if you’re not careful. Oh, and yes, I realize those drinks are absurdly big, but that’s just how I draw. Welcome to Generic Character Theater! In the fictional town of Division, […]

Postponed: Tales of Human Nature

I realize this is last minute, as it was supposed to premiere tomorrow, but after a few drafts of panels, that Tales of Human Nature Vol. 1 will have to be reworked a little, as I need to make up for lost time on my other projects. I have also decided to limit myself to […]

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